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Service Provider FAQs

The Illinois Media Group (IMG) represents an opportunity to be included in Chicago land’s premier media service provider network. Joining forces with the Illinois Media Group allows you to take advantage of our extensive virtual sales force, receive customer feedback data designed to help you identify your own business improvements and have the confidence that all members of the Illinois Media Group are here to help you and your customers succeed.

Why join the Illinois Media Group?

We all know our customers have many needs. Some we can individually deliver, some we cannot. No customer enjoys figuring it all out on their own and the Illinois Media Group’s comprehensive Service Provider offerings is the answer to their needs.

Members of the Illinois Media Group believe we can do better for our customers by joining forces, forming a network of related media service providers to provide our customers all the offerings they need to get their projects without running around.

What do I get? What is in it for me?

Joining the Illinois Media Group network gives your talent / business more exposure. More exposure = more job opportunities. Consider that every IMG Service Provider represents an extension to your business’s sales force as they refer their customers back to the IMG network where your business would be listed.

Becoming an IMG Service Provider is a very cost effective way to advertise your business. IMG is not profit driven, we are customer driven. Our affordable membership fee is merely to help offset our web development /maintenance and advertising costs for promoting all IMG Service Providers. We offer two Service Provider listing types to fit your needs. A simple listing with logo or a full web page including all the tools you need to create a professional site.

IMG additionally offers its customers an industry proven Service Provider satisfaction rating system to help our members understand their customers better, generate ideas on what you can do to improve which drives customer retention, repeat business and referrals.  IMG provides your own customer satisfaction reports for free!

Our process is simple:

1. Apply:

  • Businesses / Artists interested in becoming an IMG Service Provider are required to submit a simple application and be approved by Illinois Media Group partners. Once you’re approved, we work with you to develop your listing and your business is live on the IMG site. Easy!

2. Promote:

  • Get the word out. As each individual Illinois Media Group Service Provider spreads the word, all Service Providers benefit from the advertising. Consider all members of the Illinois Media Group as your business’s personal virtual sales force.
    • IMG provides networking cards for all members to help spread the word for all.

3. Perform:

  • At this point it’s your job to do what it takes to have your customer leave completely satisfied with your service. We expect competitive, professional, innovative, customer focused service because that’s how businesses succeed!
  • While you work with your customers, help them identify what other services they need and refer them back into the Illinois Media Group network for all IMG Service Providers to benefit from.

Pricing Guide:

  1. Basic Membership $59 / year (Example)

    • Includes your talent / business description listed in the Illinois Media Group provider list with space for a 150X150 pic logo or picture and link button to your business web site.
    • Free listing updates – Whenever you need to refresh your listing, merely send us your updated information and we will happily keep your listing current
  2. Membership Plus $99 / year (Example)

    • Dedicated full web page on the IMG site including audio / video / slideshow widgets to provide examples of your work
    • Search Engine Optimization tools  to get your site better internet visibility including customize tailored search engine results listing
    • Personalized IMG Business Card template including a smart phone QR code linked directly to your sub page
    • We create the web page for you! No additional web site development costs
    • No additional Domain Name Registration or site Hosting fees required (a $30 / year value)
    • Free listing updates – Whenever you need to refresh your listing information, links, audio / video / picture examples, merely send us your updated information and we will happily keep your listing current

Membership Discounts / Incentives:

The more you promote the network the more we discount your membership fee! Two ways to save $ and help the network grow:

  1. Bring a new Provider on board:
    • For each approved Service Provider application where you have been listed as “Referred By” in the application form you will receive a one year free IMG membership.
  2. Bring a new Customer to the Illinois Media Group Providers:
    • Each Customer Request form includes a field for the customer to select an IMG Service Provider as “Referred By”. For each completed Customer Request where you have been listed as “Referred By” in the Customer Request form you will receive a 50% discount on your following year’s membership price.

Networking Cards

Present yourself as a provider in the Illinois Media Group and benefit from the expansive brand name. Along with your membership, you will receive Illinois Media Group networking cards which directs potential customers back your IMG Service Provider listing. A group email address is included so that requests for IMG services get forwarded to all IMG Service Providers

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