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Clarence Goodman | Renaissance Man

Singer/musician/historian/voice-over talent Clarence Goodman has been described as a “Renaissance Man.”

As a singer he can do lead and backing vocals for nearly any sort of musical project, live or in the studio. His musical skills also include guitar, harmonica, ukelele, bass, and a bit of mandolin. His interest in history includes guided tours and slide shows/lectures of Chicago. His voice-over work ranges from straight-up declarative commercial copy to characters, voices and radio work. And he has also worked on camera and in print ads as a model and actor.

He will bring professionalism, talent and skill to your upcoming projects be it a recording, a print ad, acting, public speaking or song. Check him out!

Clarence Goodman
Musician/Historian/Radio & Voice Over Talent
Windy City Wavelength and Sunday Smorgasbord via
C Chicago!
Virtual and Step-OnTours of the City for your Party, Event or Community

“…with malice towards none and charity for all…” ~A.Lincoln


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