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iMaster Studios

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iMaster_LogoiMaster Studios provides top notch personalized customer service, extensive audio engineering experience, best in class audio hardware / software in a state-of-the-art recording facility to give you the world class results you deserve.

Over 25 years of proven experience, whether you are recording from scratch or mastering your latest CD, iMaster Studios is here to help!

Service Offerings:

  • Audio Mastering – Analytical adjustment and optimization of  audio material to achieve commercial ready final mixes for your chosen data storage media (CD, Vinyl, Digital Downloads). Your material will be polished, producing a clean, crisp, loud result with the much sought after tape warmth ready for mass distribution
    • Comprehensive client support through to publishing (Replication / Duplication CD master disks, MP3 masters with full metadata included, Hands on support through to CD Baby, iTunes publishing services, copyrighting and licensing)
  • Multi Track Audio Recording – Awesome sounding tracking rooms and extensive selection of the highest quality microphones, preamps, eq’s and compressors to assure your talent is captured with the maximum quality possible
  • Audio Post Production – Digital editing, mixing, sound design, effects layering to achieve the desired virtual soundscape, image and depth
  • Flexible / Cost Effective Support – Track here and mix at home to save money while taking advantage of our great sounding tracking rooms and boutique equipment.  No need to take the trip, we can easily transfer files back and forth to your location.

Studio Features:

  • State-of-the-art, ground up design RFZ recording rooms. Spacious reception area, ample parking.
    • Mastering / Control Room – 14′ X 20′, 13′ ceiling
    • Live Room #1 – 16′ X 14′, 13′ ceiling
    • Live Room #2 – 28′ X 8′, 9′ ceiling
    • Vocal Booth – 7′ X 7′,  13′ ceiling
    • Iso Booth – 5′ X 5′,  13′ ceiling
  • Top notch mastering rig, wide selection of boutique tube / solid state microphones, preamps,  compressors and limiters to cover the complete spectrum of recording tones and feels
    • 24 Channel Lynx Studio Technology Mastering grade 24-bit /192kHz AD/DA converters, Neve 8816 summing / stem mixer, SPL Masterbay patchbay, ADT Audio Mastering Eq / Compressor / Limiter, DynAudio Monitoring
    • Preamps, eqs and compressor / limiters: Neve, Sebatron, JLM Audio, Kush Audio, Speck Electronics, Empirical Labs, Valley People, Custom Teletronics LA2A
    • Microphones: Neumann, AKG, BeyerDynamic, Shure, KEL Audio and Audio-Technica
    • Software tools: Sonar, Sonnox, Waves, iZotope, Sony.  Pro Tools Compatible
    • Custom Instruments: Marshall JTM45, TrainWreck, Fuchs ODS, TC Electronics and Fractal Axe-Fx guitar rigs. Full keyboard, bass guitar, Ludwig drums and other equipment / instruments available on request


  • Competitive pricing –  Bring us your favorite studio / mastering house work and we’lll prove we can beat the competition on quality and price!
  • A budget for any project – Package, block and hourly rates available
  • 100% Customer Guarantee Pledge – If, after tracking the first song, you are not 100% satisfied with the recording quality you may request a 100% refund!
Mark 224-392-7938