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Customer FAQ

Illinois Media Group is here to assist you with all your creative media needs. From concept to performance, our network of proven Service Providers are here to provide all the related expertise you need. Whether you simply need a performance act for your venue or are creating your own audio / video production, we have got you covered. It’s free to use our service and when you sign up, you get some great tools to manage your projects and help us grow…

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How does it work?
1. Create an Illinois Media Group account or log in to your existing account. Creating an account allows you to take advantage of our free customer project dashboards to help you keep track of all your project work.

2. Create a New Request describing your media service need and hit the submit button. An IMG representative will give you a call and help you plan out your entire project.

  • As we help plan out your project, your customer dashboard will list all Service Providers assigned to your project.

3. As your individual Service Providers services are completed, we only ask that you come back and rate the Illinois Media Group Service Provider you used. Your feedback helps us continually improve the services we provide.

Why should I use Illinois Media Group?...
Complete Coverage – Illinois Media Group represents Service Providers covering all aspects of the media field, providing you one stop shopping for all your related needs.

Best in Class – Our Service Providers are evaluated by our customers on an ongoing basis. Your feedback helps us understand how to improve the services you receive and in some cases helps us know when to remove a Service Provider from our network when they can’t live up to our expectations of providing best in class IMG services.

It’s free! – We recognize that our combined strength as a premier audio / video service network covering all aspects of your artistic needs allows each of us to grow by the mere fact that together we will make your overall project experience better and in turn your positive experience increases the likelihood that you will be a repeat customer and recommend our service to other businesses / artists